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3 dogs

We provide the best in luxury pet boarding for dogs and cats. Every guest may choose whether to be more social or to spend quiet time alone. Bedding is included and we serve Victor Super Premium Dog & Cat Food. We can accommodate all sizes and all pets receive unequaled care & attention. Reservations are recommended, especially for larger breeds and during peak holiday and vacation times. Please make an appointment with our groomers to schedule grooming or baths for a fresh and beautiful homecoming. Up-to-date vaccinations are required for all boarding guests, including rabies for dogs and cats, bordetella for dogs, and boosters for both dogs and cats.

We board cats in their own luxury 2 story condo. Sociable cats are offered the opportunity to mingle and socialize in their space, with other cats and people. All male boarding cats age 6 months and older must be neutered.